Regard intéressant de David Draiman (Disturbed) à propos de la vision que ses détracteurs peuvent avoir de lui

Par défaut


In a lengthy feature for Metal Hammer that has now been published online, Draiman responded as follows as to why he thinks he still has an army of haters:

“Who knows? I truly don’t understand it. I think people develop a perception of you. I’m the first guy to admit that in my younger days, instead of speaking softly and carrying a big stick, I ended up doing the opposite of that. Which sometimes comes from excitement or youth or… sometimes confidence can ‘become’ arrogance, and certainly be perceived as that. And people have no idea how much self-doubt there is involved with it, and how much questioning you do.”

Metal Hammer also opened up about suggesting that Draiman exhibited a potential air of fake humility to appear affected in a 2015 feature on him in the magazine. Upon reading that article, Draiman had his publicist call the magazine to express his disappointment. He said of how he felt after reading that piece:

“I felt hurt, to be honest. I think people want to believe that I’m this egomaniacal prick, and I really do my damndest not to be. Anybody who truly knows me and is around me on a regular basis would tell you unabashedly that it’s completely unjustified. Especially when you go out of your way to try and extend an olive branch, and you literally get slapped in the face as a result. It’s betrayal, of sorts.”

Source : The PRP.

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